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Treatment of interstitial pneumonia is based on anti-inflammatory therapy, which involves the use of cytostatics, glucocorticoids, and hormonal agents.
The duration of drug treatment varies from 3 months to several years. Radiological and clinical improvements occur in a third of patients.

Determining the effectiveness of therapy is based on a combination of several indicators at intervals of 3-6 months. The strength of cough decreases, shortness of breath disappears. X-ray features decrease. Blood gas exchange is stabilized. If there is no dynamics in any direction during the treatment process, this indicates a normalization of the process. If the general condition worsens over six months, the X-ray results do not change - this indicates the ineffectiveness of the chosen technique.

  • When sclerosis of lung tissue develops, experts recommend the use of oxygen therapy, which can significantly prolong the patient’s life.
  • Severe forms of the disease require a lung transplant.
  • The term idiopathic interstitial pneumonia refers to a group of inflammatory lung diseases of unknown etiology.
  • In addition to their unclear origin, they are united by damage to the interstitial tissue - the cells of the connective tissue of the lungs.
  • The inflammatory process and swelling cause changes in gas exchange, which provokes serious consequences and complications.
  • The danger of such diseases, in addition to inflammation, lies in the latent form of their occurrence.
  • They can only be discovered through special research. CT scan, radiography, biopsy.


Scientists and doctors cannot yet give a clear explanation of the reasons for the development of inflammatory processes of this type.

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Complication after a viral disease Condition in tuberculosis and SARS Smoking Side effects of certain drugs (antibiotics and antitumor drugs) HIV infection Oncology Complication after surgery and transplantation Connective tissue diseases - scleroderma, arthritis. In addition, pneumonia of this type is similar to each other in terms of symptoms, course of the disease, laboratory test data, and radiological signs. Therefore, making an accurate diagnosis is always very difficult. Basically, doctors are guided by the results of clarinex pills.


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TAlthough this type of desloratadine consists of several types of the disease, differing from each other in the nuances of symptoms, they also have similar features. Long-term development of the disease (over 1-2 years) Dry cough Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath Appearance of creaking sounds in the lungs Low vital capacity (vital capacity of the lungs) Significant weight loss. At firstsigns of the disease appear weakly and do not attract attention. The patient may not be aware of the disease for several years until the inflammation progresses to a more severe stage and acquires severe symptoms. Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia.


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